Delta Leak Detector Designed with iDevices®

Leak Detector Unit


It’s not just one of the more annoying sounds in the world, but one of the more costly. Delta Leak Detection identifies a leak in your home, allowing you to respond before it becomes a bigger issue. A detector placed under or near each of your water sources will send an alert to your smartphone upon detection of water. This “heads up” can be the difference between a minor fix and a major problem.

How it Works

Illustration Of How The Leak Detection System Works

Get Connected

Leak Detector Smartphone App Interface

Delta Leak Detection does not require a hub system to coordinate information. Each detector is independently connected to your home's Wi-Fi, making it possible to send an alert at the first sign of trouble. The system is monitored via an app on your smartphone.

Leak Detector

More Details

  • Easy installation—simply place each detector under or near your home’s major water sources such as washing machines, water heaters, toilets and sinks.
  • Seamlessly connected—each individual detector can independently send notifications to your phone.
  • Minimal drain—our proprietary low-power software will not overload your home's Wi-Fi.
  • Battery powered—each unit is powered by three AAA batteries; the device will last approximately two years.
  • Multiple alerts—in addition to alerts being sent directly to your phone, audible alerts and an LED light at the source help you find the leak.
  • Read the press release here.